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howtoactfereldan: (all things in this world are finite)

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When you ask the commander of the Inquisition's forces where he is from, this appears before you:

How To Act Fereldan

Tall, blond, and wearing armor 95% of the time, Cullen is an excellent example of the Fereldan temperament: resilient, comfortable out of doors, fiercely independent. Rightfully proud of his prowess as a warrior, he has been training for his current occupation since the age of thirteen, when he left his small home village to begin training.

His sense of humor is dry (when evident), even caustic, and he is not inclined to suffer fools. He is intelligent, curious, and interested in tomes covering history and tactics.

He is religious, his early training having occurred under the auspices of the southern Chantry. While he cannot sing the entire Chant of Light from memory, he knows much of it. (Especially when the passages have especial personal relevance.) When he curses, he does not do so using the names of the Maker or of Andraste.

He is fiercely protective of everything reckoned to be his own.

He might actually give his eyeteeth for a mabari wardog of his own -- possibly the most Fereldan thing about him -- but the circumstances of his life have not allowed this to happen.


What Cullen is loath to discuss or reveal... those topics are much less comfortable.

Cullen first achieved notoriety in his career as a templar not by policing the mages of the Ferelden Circle, but by being one of a handful of survivors of the mage uprising during the Fifth Blight. Cullen's role: imprisoned by a magical barrier, subject to torture by demons, watching as his fellow templars imprisoned with him died, one after the other.

The Templar Order then made him Knight-Captain of the Kirkwall Circle in the Free Marches; Knight-Commander Meredith requested him specially to be her second in command. Anyone who's read Varric Tethras's Tale of the Champion knows how that turned out. Another failure -- even if Cullen did manage to keep Kirkwall's templars (mostly) together for a few years after the Chantry exploded and Meredith went mad.

And when the Right Hand of the Divine came calling, and told him she wanted him to command the forces of the new Inquisition to be declared by Divine Justinia V --

Cullen saw it for what it was: a way out of a life that had started with good intentions, but would end in addiction and madness -- and not for any noble purpose. The thirteen-year-old who'd begged to join the Order to be of service, to help keep everyone safe, was now in his thirties and very nearly at the end of his rope.

Cullen has done a lot of things that that thirteen-year-old would not approve of. His service to the Inquisition is his chance to atone. If he must atone while enduring a long and painful withdrawal from years of taking the lyrium that gives templars their abilities... it's only fitting.


Cullen also blushes easily.

Talking about feelings of any kind is the worst.


Cullen is from the Dragon Age games by (and property of) Bioware. This is a roleplaying journal. I make no profit. No copyright infringement intended.

Contact the player via DW message, if you please.

Interests (11):

armor, calibrating trebuchets, chess, hair product, heavy books on tactics, mabari, not fancy parties, not orlesians, not repairing roofs, repression, swords
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