howtoactfereldan: (our lady of perpetual victory)
Cullen ([personal profile] howtoactfereldan) wrote2016-12-19 07:18 pm

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Cullen's good (or horrific) deed for the year is suggesting that Dorian Pavus take on Kieran.

"He cheats," Cullen warns Kieran. He's leaning against one of the support poles of the gazebo, arms folded, smirking a little.

"I do no such thing," Dorian protests, outraged. "I can't very well make pieces vanish up my sleeve." He spreads his palms like a showman, indicating his customary lack of sleeves.

Kieran tilts his head. "That doesn't preclude other sleight-of-hand."

"Precisely," Cullen tells him, grinning. "The challenge lies in catching him, and figuring out how."


"It certainly doesn't lie in defeating him."

"Don't you have an appointment to skin an even uglier animal to make that thing you wear far more hideous?" Dorian demands. "If that's even possible."

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