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Cullen ([personal profile] howtoactfereldan) wrote2016-11-18 09:20 pm

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Life settles into a routine that's... pleasant.

Cullen is dependent on Leliana's intelligence to begin to plan any countermoves against whatever Corypheus does next. Instead he's begun the process of spreading the results of the debriefing into training, for everyone. His written plan has been faithfully copied and disseminated among every officer, and Cullen spends most of his days in the valley, now, making sure that they're putting the plan into place in a proper way.

With a second victory under them, now, their forces are confident and committed; their rest has left them ready to work.

And not a few of his more senior officers have observed that the commander appears to be in particularly good spirits. Cullen always threatens them with overnight rotations. Unfortunately, his mouth twitches when he does it.

(He's also stood the soldiers in the Herald's Rest a few rounds, here and there, before excusing himself quickly. This also has not gone unnoticed.)

Cullen's feet don't hesitate when he descends the stairs into the cells. Samson's there; Cullen doesn't have to see him (and won't). Instead, Cullen turns down the narrow passage leading to the springs.

"Brought cheese on toast," Cullen announces, once he's through the locked door.

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