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Cullen ([personal profile] howtoactfereldan) wrote2016-06-14 11:15 pm

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Since the Starkhaven templars arrived, they -- Cullen and Rylen -- have been working out of the viscount's old offices. Drinking and cards at night, business in the day. And now that Cullen's handed over his share of the operations, he's moved from the seneschal's office to the small, comfortable armchair and end table in the vestibule.

Ci sleeps at his feet. Cullen is going through the bookkeeping, one last time. Rylen and Merial know what they're doing, but the very least he can do is make sure the ledgers reconcile with each other and with the reports that have gone to the Spire for the last five years.

He might have forgotten to eat lunch? Whatever, numbers are great. And since he's in what he's now thinking of as his civilian uniform -- the armor he'd got from Wade and Herren in Amaranthine, with Ysalwen -- anybody looking for a templar just passes right over him. Cullen would be lying if he said he didn't find some satisfaction in that.

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