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Cullen ([personal profile] howtoactfereldan) wrote2016-04-14 09:52 pm

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Sometimes the unfamiliar environment helps. Sometimes it doesn't.

The bucket he requested isn't made out of wood, but some material that isn't as cool to the touch as metal, but is more flexible by far. More than that he hasn't examined, because Cullen feels terrible.

The room is close to the top of the stairs. It's small. The windows have thick drapes that block out light, which helps; a single candle (a thick pillar, should last a while) burns by the door.

He knew to expect something like this.

The bucket stays by the bed, just in case. Cullen hasn't had to use it yet, but it's better to be safe -- leave as little mess as possible in case he's not here to clean it up. He's not sure how long he's been in here, and the lack of natural light isn't helping. He could catalog his symptoms -- fever and chills, dizziness, nausea, trembling hands, a pain in his chest like someone's closed him in a vise -- but it's like this:

Either he will come through by Andraste's grace (and her grace alone, because he refuses to trouble anyone with this punishment he deserves), or trying to stop taking lyrium will kill him, as it has so many others.

There seems to be little point in cataloging, in light of that.

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